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About Us


To work together with disempowered, poor, rural communities of Majuli in order to create tools, opportunities and inspiration needed for them to achieve a better future.


The leverage of the local community's abilities and assets by encouraging leadership, creativity and the foundation of productive, trust- based collaborations.

A mar Majuli (“Our Majuli”) is a community-development initiative co-created by Majuli island's local communities with young Israeli development professionals. The essence of Amar Majuli lies in its collaborative and grassroots approach to community-development: Since its inception, we have worked alongside the local community on a voluntarily basis in order to identify needs and create tools to address the social and economic challenges in Majuli.


Our activities focus on four main themes: women's livelihood and leadership; sustainable agriculture; youth leadership; and floods adaptation and relief. The initiative was started in 2011 by Gili Navon, the Founding Director, while she was living in Majuli as part of her Master’s Degree in the Glocal: Community-Development Studies program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Today, Amar Majuli is a community based nonprofit organization, with many stakeholders, an active local board and a formal national recognition. Together we work towards a better well being on Majuli Island. 

Legal Statues: Amar Majuli is as a local non for profit organization in Majuli, Assam, India. Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

The voluntary base in Israel is operating under Tevel work with impoverished communities in Nepal and Burundi, to enhance and advance the livelihood, capacity,

and wellbeing of their members.


T he magical island of Majuli, lying on the Brahmaputra River in Assam is one of the world’s largest river islands and home of 200,000 inhabitants of diverse ethnic communities. The tribal population of the island is composed mainly of the members of the Mising tribe, who reside on the river bank, making their living from agriculture and fishing. The Mising are also known for their unique and intricate weaving, bamboo crafts, hospitality and joy of life.

In recent years, the life of Majuli's rural communities has been adversely affected by increasing river erosion and annual floods, causing thousands of families to lose their homes and livelihood. The environmental hazards, along with the island's geographical seclusion and a continuing social exclusion of the secluded, disadvantage communities, render life on the island - so loved by its' inhabitants - a challenge of survival. In order to change this reality and create opportunities for a better life on the island we established Amar Majuli.

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