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Rengam means a united group in Mising language. Rengam is a tribal weaver’s cooperative that was establish and led by the local Mising women. Rengam currently have 140 members that come from more than 15 villages from floods and erosion affected villages in Majuli island.  Rengam talented weavers create beautiful high quality handwoven products which are based on the traditional tribal culture with contemporary relevance. 
◦    Provides its members with opportunities to increase their income based on their traditional skills and knowledge 
◦    Provides its members with opportunities to improve their children education, access for information about essential issues. 
◦    Provides its members with access to high quality Yarn in a reasonable price.  
◦    Provides trainings and skills in different professional subjects: account and so on. 
◦    provides its members, a supportive women platform to face their daily challenges  

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