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Our Team


Our board is led and owned by Majuli's local communities. The board composed of trusted representatives of Majuli’s different communities. Our board members are also involved in supporting the ongoing operation of our field work.

Mr. Bedabrat Dutta (President)

Social Entrepreneur, Secretary of Majuli tourism, founder of the eco- cultural tourism.

Mrs. Bhodrawoti Gam

Educator and activist for women's rights. Majuli Island.

Mrs. Minu Gam (Secretary)

Women rights activist, entrepreneur in tribal art, master weaver.

Dr. Sunil Kaul

Founder Trustee & Executive Director of the ANT (Rowmari, Assam) - A public health doctor who has consulted to the Indian government, with over 25 years of experience with Development in the North East area.

Miss. Dipa Rani Payun


Tribal Mising community leader and a master tailor.

Mrs. Dalimi Kutum

Community leader and a master weaver.

Mr. Parag Jyoti Saikia

Engineer, youth leader and social activist.

Mr. Mohan Ch. Gam

Leading farmer and entrepreneur.



Mr. Raju (Girin) Gam

Women empowerment senior filed coordinator.

Mr. Parag Jyoti Saikia

Admin manager and agriculture coordinator.

Ms. Gili Navon

Executive Director.

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